Reporting the Obvious: Women in Skimpy Summer Outfits Cause Male Drivers to Crash

According to a new survey from UK insurance company Sheilas' Wheels, male drivers are more likely to cause crashes than women in the summer because they are distracted by women in skimpy clothing, the Daily Express reports.

So what — our bikinis and Daisy Dukes could be considered reckless endangerment?

The poll found that 29 percent of men admit to rubber-necking at scantily clad females while driving in the summer, according to the paper.


C'mon, guys. It's not even August yet. Do you have to start the silly season so early?

(Sheila's Wheels? Daily Express? I despair over the state of my profession…)

Update: And suddenly, I realise how damn offensive the original headline from the post I reblogged is. No, women's clothing doesn't make men crash – men staring at women like lecherous morons causes crashes. It's scary how easily blame slips the wrong direction in issues like this.

Adam Tinworth

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