10 Ways to know a WoW Addict

I'm only guilty of a few of these…
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> ## Top 10 ways to know you play too much World of Warcraft: > > - 10. You try to book a vacation in Azeroth. > - 9. You've ever planned to "raid" another department. > - 8. You consider work assignments "quests" and expect items and XP for completing them. > - 7. You have ever challenged a co-worker to a duel. > - 6. You want your paycheck in gold, silver and copper. > - 5. Your character is killed by a higher ranking enemy so you take a week off to "extract vengeance". > - 4. You have ever called in sick because your character died and you are in "mourning". > - 3. You have ever tried "hearthing" to escape work. > - 2. You've ever mistaken your supervisor for a class trainer and demanded new skills. > - 1. You refuse to answer to anything other than your WoW character's name.
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10 Ways to know a WoW Addict
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