Anatomy of a Weekend

Friday night was Conspiracy of Ravens night (that's Friday night, [info] ellefurtle), a gathering of our WoW guild. I lured [info] lornabear along under false pretences (I didn't tell her it was a WoW drinks night), but she had a good time despite that.

Saturday was a day of doing stuff. We sorted out much of the remaining work on the kitchen, leaving us just a touch of paining to do. We took advantage of the quiet streets created by the England vrs Portugal match to go shopping and get me some new threads for my new work role. We then settled down for some serious Cyber action in the penultimate episode of Dr Who. A bit more flat work, and then back to the TV to watch one of our Amazon DVD rentals The Wedding Crashers. Not a bad movie. I did wish that the focus had been on the Vince Vaughn/Isla Fisher couple and not the lead romance, though, and not the dull lead couple. Ah, well.

Sunday, we slept in, mostly due to the ludicrous heat. I toodled off to Sainsbury's and B&Q for food and DIY supplies, and then did some serious eBay listing. I whipped up some Tuna Linguine for dinner, and we watched the excellent Lord of War (another Amazon rental).

Not the busiest weekend ever, but pretty enjoyable.

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Anatomy of a Weekend
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