Attack of the Mobile Phone Thieves

I wish it noted that there are good day in life and there are bad days in life. A day which starts with your mobile phone being nicked from your bad while walking from the gym to a meeting has all the makings of a bad day. However, I’m seeing Lorna for the first time since Sunday tonight, so I’m rather hoping it’ll evolve into a good day. Let’s hope, eh?

We’re meeting up in London tonight to see (you guessed it) Attack of the Clones. Lorna is quite excessively excited and I can’t help but be carried along in her wave of enthusiasm.

In the meantime, people might like to read this spoiler-free interview with George Lucas, from the UK’s The Guardian newspaper. I think it makes some very interesting points about what he’s trying to achieve.

Adam Tinworth

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Attack of the Mobile Phone Thieves
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