Away from the centre

[![Sutton Post Office]( "Sutton Post Office")]( "Sutton Post Office")
[Sutton Post Office]( "Sutton Post Office")
It's the little, subtle things that tell you that you've moved away from the centre of London. Today, for example, I popped to Sutton Post Office to post some eBay and Amazon sales to the their buyers.

When I arrived the queue was about 10 people long. "Phew," I thought. "Nice and quick."

That was Central London Adam talking. Maybe I was lulled into a delusion by the fact I'm still within the M25, but it caught me with surpirse when each of those 10 people was served with a leisurely care that would have done Suffolk proud.

I have a little adjusting still to do.

Adam Tinworth

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Away from the centre
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