Baking Daleks

[![Raw Dalek]( "Raw Dalek")]( "Raw Dalek")
[Raw Dalek]( "Raw Dalek")
Last Saturday, my morning of indolence was disturbed by the unexpected arrival of a parcel. Inside was a kit for baking Dalek biscuits from Vanessa & Raz. I'd left a comment on [Vanessa's Flickr stream]( a few weeks back, saying how much I fancied the biscuits. And she presented me with the chance to bake my own.

Thanks, Vanessa!

That evening, while Lorna was on the 'phone, I baked 'em up. It was somewhat challenging, as much of my kitchen equipment is packed away prior to us putting the flat on the market. No mixing bowl (I used a measuring jug) and no baking tray (I used a roasting dish). Not even a rolling pin.

It was a lot more fun than I expected, though, even if the biscuits themselves were slightly disappointing. I've cleaned the mould, though, and I'll have another go with my own cookie recipe, oh yes. Nothing can stop me now!

[![A Gift from Skaro…]( "A Gift from Skaro…")]( "A Gift from Skaro…") [![Dalek Making, the edible way]( "Dalek Making, the edible way")]( "Dalek Making, the edible way") [![Dalek mould]( "Dalek mould")]( "Dalek mould") [![Pre-baked Dalek Cookies]( "Pre-baked Dalek Cookies")]( "Pre-baked Dalek Cookies") [![Baked Dalek Cookies]( "Baked Dalek Cookies")]( "Baked Dalek Cookies")

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Baking Daleks
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