Dr Who: Here Comes Season 4

Ah, we have more news about season 4 of New Who.

There's some good casting in there, but the hardcore aren't going to care, because they're still in shock that the Doctor will have a 30-something companion, rather than the normal young tottie.  A 30-something who screamed and screeched her way through her first episode.

Yeah, and…?

Dr Who fans seem to exist in a parallel reality where TV production crews are utterly blind to the most obvious factors. Writers who are incapable of developing characters and giving them more depth when the get a larger role. Where comedy performers are incapable of stepping up to dramatic roles. Theirs is a world where one-note characters from Cheers like Frasier are incapable of being the lead in their own series. When comedy actors from Robin Williams to Ronnie Barker haven't moved to more serious roles to great acclaim.


Doctor Who fans are special, you see. Years of watching time-travelling adventures has given them special powers to see into the future, and know what a series that has only just started filming will be like.

The rest of us will just have to wait and find out. And, to compensate us for our lack of special powers, we'll get to enjoy it more.

Adam Tinworth

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