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Force Beams versus Lightsabres

For ages I've had this odd memory of calling the lightsabers from Star Wars "Force Beams". It has no basis in any of the films, so I've been wondering for years now if this was just a false memory, or there was something else at work.

Turns out, I should just have Googled it:

Force Beam Advert

The toy is a "Force Beam", presumably relying on the fact that the official name hadn't yet entered the public consciousness. And there's no attribution of copyright to Lucas or 20th Century Fox.

So, a knock-off product, using the name "force", but not licensed. But, bizarrely, advertised in the official Star Wars Weekly comic which I read.

That would explain my memory of the name. I had more exposure to Star Wars through the comic than the movie - which I only saw once, on its original release, and not again for years after - probably until its TV release.

Now, I'm wondering if my beloved childhood lightsaber toy was an official one - or a Force Beam.

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Force Beams versus Lightsabres
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