Home, sweet home

After a two hour drive through the driving rain, I’m here in Suffolk. It’s odd to be here on a weekday evening again, but not unpleasant. Mum’s gone to bed, and I’m bashing out a feature for the magazine, as I won’t be in the office to do it tomorrow.

The iPod was a marvel on the way up. Hook it up to the cassette that comes with Dr Bot’s iPod Connection Kit, put that in the stereo and then put the iPod on random play, and the driving tunes are sorted. It made a difficult drive in the dark and pouring rain much, much easier.

My brother is proving that he is his mother’s son by getting increasingly panicky about tomorrow. He’s really scared about a repeat of last year, which seem out of proportion given what’s actually wrong with Mum. Still, the poor boy’s under a lot of stress right now (self-inflicted admittedly) and I think it’s getting to him. The financial stretch of doing up this house is making him insecure and the last thing he needs is another threat to his family. Just as well it’s only a retina problem.

Hmm. Better get some sleep. I need to drive to the hospital at 8am tomorrow.

Adam Tinworth

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Home, sweet home
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