Liking Leopard

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So, my copy of the new version of Mac OSX called [Leopard]( (or, rather more prosaically, Mac OSX 10.5) arrived yesterday afternoon, at some point before I dragged myself out of my sickbed and into the office. I hesitated for all of about 30 seconds before installing it. (This seems to be the major difference between Mac and PC users right now – PC users are holding off from installing Vista for as long as possible, Mac users get Leopard on their machines the first moment they can).It too about an hour, once I'd rebooted, I discovered thet the line "add a new Mac to you Mac" isn't just advertsiing puff – it genuinely does feel like a new machine. The visual aesthetic of the new OS is markedly different from previous interations, giving the interface a new, pleasingly solid feel. CoverFlow for documents is just terrific, and Quicklook (whereby you can hit the space bar while selecting a document, and open a detailed preview without having to open the actual application) is shaping up to be one of those "how did I live without it?" features.

And, most importantly, World of Warcraft runs just fine.

All good, so far.

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Liking Leopard
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