London Snow Mini-Retrospective

The snow in London passed almost without acknowledgement here. Time to change that a little.

My back garden when the snow was at its worst:
[![The Back Garden]( "The Back Garden")]( "The Back Garden")
[The Back Garden]( "The Back Garden")
Quaggy Gardens:
[![Quaggy Gardens]( "Quaggy Gardens")]( "Quaggy Gardens")
[Quaggy Gardens]( "Quaggy Gardens")
And the delightful Lewisham Station:
[![Lewisham Station in the Snow]( "Lewisham Station in the Snow")]( "Lewisham Station in the Snow")
[Lewisham Station in the Snow]( "Lewisham Station in the Snow")
And here's how it looked around where [Rev Stan]( and I work:

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