My (Personal) First Reactions to the General Election

I've become something of an internal hung parliament myself.

The journalist in me is delighted.  Think of all the stories that will emerge from this situation – the political deals that will be done, the knife-edge votes, the constant possibility of a fallen government. Oh, and a second election within the year – two at the outside. Brilliant.

Another part of me – the part that wants to buy a house and start a family – is a little nervous that we don't have a majority government, that the massive deficit will not be addressed properly, and that the markets will panic, harming the economy. A related, but far from identical, part of me is gutted that the LibDems didn't make more progress in the polls.

And a last, but vocal, part of me is glad that whatever emerges from this mess will be a government that will have to govern by consensus and debate, rather than just pushing their own, narrow agenda through with their majority.

As soon as a few of these parts of myself manage to form a coalition, I'll let you know. ;-)

Adam Tinworth

Living somewhere in the blogging/journalism intersection, and not particularly bothered about making a choice.

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My (Personal) First Reactions to the General Election
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