One weekend, one man, one woman, many paintbrushes

[![Decorating the hall]( "Decorating the hall")]( "Decorating the hall")
[Decorating the hall]( "Decorating the hall")
As my father might have said, tonight, I have wanker's cramp. Not, you understand, for the activities the name suggests. No, it's because I've spent around 8 hours decorating the internal and external halls and I'm *tired*.

Lorna and I are on our (hopefully) final push to get the flat finished and on the market by the autumn. We've been putting off doing the external hall because it's an awkaward, tall, Victorian space that's difficult to get to (we used a tall ladder and the pateted "roller on a stick" appraoch) and because it suffered some water damaged while the roof was being replaced.

After a hard weekend's work, it's all done bar a final coat and some carpeting. Very satisfied.

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One weekend, one man, one woman, many paintbrushes
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