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[![IMG_0016.JPG]( "IMG_0016.JPG")]( "IMG_0016.JPG")
[IMG_0016.JPG]( "IMG_0016.JPG")
So, life.
I must getting better at posting to my blogs. I must get better at posting to my blogs.
It's a function of being a "professional" blog advisor, I suppose. I spend too long talking about blogs, and too little time doing it these days. That's sorta counter-productive, though. Becoming all mouth and no blog trousers, as it were, isn't going to do me, or the people I'm working with, any good at all.
So, I must reform. I must end my ways. I must put finger to keyboard and blog with strength and confidence, as once I blogged in the past. 
It's a new week. It's a new start. Here we go.
Oh, and here are some pics of my collegues:
[![Chris & Karl]( "Chris & Karl")]( "Chris & Karl")
[Chris & Karl]( "Chris & Karl")
[![Andrew Orange]( "Andrew Orange")]( "Andrew Orange")
[Andrew Orange]( "Andrew Orange")
Office life is so dynamic, isn't it?

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Re: Blogging
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