Respecting space, here and abroad

But having been away from France for some years, what struck me afresh was the sense of generalised respect in the public realm. When you go into a shop, you say bonjour, and merci au'voir when you leave. When you sit down on a train or get into a lift, likewise you acknowledge the Other. This was emphasised with perfect clarity for me on the train home, as a loud party of Brits got on at Avignon, oblivious to the way they disrupted others' space. I'm inclined to agree with Schofield, the French really are more socially-minded, and there are things we should be thinking about.


I noticed the same thing while in France the week before last.

I find the increasing lack of respect for people's space in British culture a challenge – surely on such a tiny island, the ability to respect others' space is necessary to a well-functioning society?

Adam Tinworth

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Respecting space, here and abroad
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