Revising My Opinions of Conventions

[![X-23]( "X-23")]( "X-23")
[X-23]( "X-23")
Y'know, I always associated costumes at conventions with overweight, middle-aged men in deeply, deeply inappropriate costumes.And then I find this picture in [Squid]('s [photostream](

I believe the correct phrase is "blimey".

I may have to reassess my view of geek culture, and for the considerably better.

(She's dressed as Marvel Comics character X-23, incidentally)

I've only ever been to one convention in my life, a Dragonmeet some years ago. The experience was mainly notable for somebody asking me for an autograph, which was rather flattering.

Maybe in the future, just as long as people can reassure me that the male attendees at these things have learned how to use soap.

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Revising My Opinions of Conventions
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