It's an in-laws weekend, with Lorna and I down in Bristol visiting my mother-in-law and brother-in-law, Jesse.

It's also the Bristol Open Doors weekend, giving people the chance to visist Bristol buildings they wouldn't noramlly be able to see in then same way. Here are somw phone pics of a few places we visited. Others will follow when I get home and download pics from the SLR.

[![Bristol Blue Glass]( "Bristol Blue Glass")]( "Bristol Blue Glass") [![Tour guide at work]( "Tour guide at work")]( "Tour guide at work") [![The suspension bridge]( "The suspension bridge")]( "The suspension bridge") [![Path through the woods]( "Path through the woods")]( "Path through the woods") [![Glassmakers at work]( "Glassmakers at work")]( "Glassmakers at work")