Telegraph reviews the new Photoshop

CS5 has four major improvements that – on paper – jumped out at me. The most
exciting is content-aware fill – and when I first used it on one of my
photos, my jaw dropped.

I had taken a picture of a French manor house, which was perfect, except that
a gardener was standing in front of it. Using the lasso tool, I drew very
roughly around the man and pressed Delete. The Fill dialogue box appeared.
Into that, I chose content-aware fill. Photoshop, almost magically, replaced
the gardener with the brickwork and the climbing plant that he was standing
in front of. It was as though he had never been there


I've just bagged my upgrade, and will be playing with it tonight – I'm really quite excited now.

Adam Tinworth

Living somewhere in the blogging/journalism intersection, and not particularly bothered about making a choice.

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Telegraph reviews the new Photoshop
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