The Anonymous Famous Face

I saw this on the side of a bus the other day. It was striking, in a slightly [Bet Lynch]( sort of way… 
[![Sj1](]( Striking enough, in fact, that I went to the Mango site to see the rest of the images. And I discovered something I hadn't realised: the model in the image was a famous actress, one I've [referred to before]( on this blog. Yet, when I'd looked at the image I'd had absolutely no idea it was Scarlett Johannson.

In fact, I'd noted this one in passing a few weeks before, and equally not noted its star content:

Sj2And that got me thinking…

Mango have clearly spent a lot of money on these images: for a skilled photographer ([Mario Sorrenti](, because the images are great. But also for a "name" – an actress, not a model – and that's what these images are making me question. Was it worth it? If she isn't instantly recognisable – and this is far enough from Johannson's traditional image to make me think that she won't be for many –  and the campaign isn't trumpeting her identity, is Mango getting its money's worth here?
And if not, what made them use her? A quick Google search reveals that the news that she was the new "spokesmodel" for the company is [all over the celeb gossip blogs]( And perhaps that's it – the readers of those are the perfect demographic for Mango clothes.But I can't help feeling that celebrity endorsement has become so prevalent that its impact is diluted to almost homoeopathic strengths…

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The Anonymous Famous Face
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