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The many people within Emmy Rossum

[![Emmy Rossum in a burgundy top and black skirt](https://i0.wp.com/adam.tinworth.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/EMMY31100.png?resize=429%2C625)](http://www.coffeeandcomplexity.com/2012/02/the-many-people-within-emmy-rossum/emmy31/)
The demure Emmy Rossum
If there’s one thing that make me fall in love with a FashMag photoshoot, it’s when they take one person, and create many people from them. There’s no single image, but a range of looks, or moods that show you different sides of a person’s personality. This shoot of Emmy Rossum, found [via Forever a Fan Girl](http://www.foreverafangirl.com/2012/01/my-entry-3.html), is just a perfect example of that. The look above is sexy, yet with an edge of sophistication, and demureness. (Is that a word? It should be.)

This look, though?

[![A sexy photoshoot image of Emmy Rossum](https://i2.wp.com/adam.tinworth.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/EMMY21100.png?resize=510%2C377)](http://www.coffeeandcomplexity.com/2012/02/the-many-people-within-emmy-rossum/emmy21/)
Sexy Emmy Rossum
Despite the white dress, and all the connotations that brings, this is a sexy image, almost to the point of raunchiness. It’s a [lovely shoot from *Zooey Magazine*](http://zooeymagazine.com/2011/12/emmy-rossum-its-showtime/).

The video’s a fun watch, too. It’s exactly what a behind-the-scenes video should be:

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The many people within Emmy Rossum
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