So, I've been testing a new phone with digital camera for work purposes. Here's some pictures of the merry Business Development gang:

[![Paul's reading]( "Paul's reading")]( "Paul's reading") [![Karl poses]( "Karl poses")]( "Karl poses") [![Anthony at work]( "Anthony at work")]( "Anthony at work")
And here's a rather nice one of the QH Starbucks:
[![QH Starbucks]( "QH Starbucks")]( "QH Starbucks")
[QH Starbucks]( "QH Starbucks")
And, lastly, here's some less successful ones of a presentation yesterday. I need to do some more testing of the camera's utility in dimly-lit places.
[![Karl's Notebook]( "Karl's Notebook")]( "Karl's Notebook") [![A salesman performs]( "A salesman performs")]( "A salesman performs") [![Preparing the presentation]( "Preparing the presentation")]( "Preparing the presentation") [![Kelley]( "Kelley")]( "Kelley")