Vox Hunt: Yeah, About This Thing...

Show us something weird that's on your desk.
    Submitted by Alex.

In the most incredibly tardy Vox Hunt entry ever:

[](http://hoosteenay.vox.com/library/photo/6a00cdf39d1142cb8f00d09e54736cbe2b.html "Deskkitty")
[Google flashes](http://a0.typepad.com/6a00d8341da3af53ef013486ad0ce8970c-pi "Google flashes")
I'd lost this little delight when the Vox Hunt was posted. But now, I've found it again.

Adam Tinworth

Living somewhere in the blogging/journalism intersection, and not particularly bothered about making a choice.

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Vox Hunt: Yeah, About This Thing...
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