So, I'm not long back from Devon, where we were staying as guests of [Rev Stan]( and Mosh, and am now busy working through my photos. The really juicy ones are still to come, but here's some from a walk from Malborough to Salcombe:
[![Storm over Salcombe]( "Storm over Salcombe")]( "Storm over Salcombe")
[Storm over Salcombe]( "Storm over Salcombe")
[![In Nadia's backpack…]( "In Nadia's backpack…")]( "In Nadia's backpack…") [![Stacey walking]( "Stacey walking")]( "Stacey walking") [![Wet Bear]( "Wet Bear")]( "Wet Bear") [![First Annual Salcombe Gurning Competition]( "First Annual Salcombe Gurning Competition")]( "First Annual Salcombe Gurning Competition")
[![Setting out for Moonrakers]( "Setting out for Moonrakers")]( "Setting out for Moonrakers")
[Setting out for Moonrakers]( "Setting out for Moonrakers")
You'll find more in my growing [New Year 2007 collection](