Bangalore, India, April 1989

Much to my surprise, my late father could actually wield a lens with some skill when he was travelling for work.

Bangalore, India, April 1989
The shops on Richmond Road, Bengaluru

I owe my late Dad an apology. For years, he was regarded as the photographic dunce of the family, always chopping off the heads and feeds of people in photos. My Mum and I were the family photographers.

But, in the process of scanning my way through old family negatives, I discovered a couple of films that he shot when in India for business with BP. I even have a date, thanks to a photo of a meeting board in a hotel: late April 1989. And some of these photos are surprisingly good. Yes, there’s some rubbish amongst the 72-odd frames. But there’s some gems, too.

So, please enjoy a first selection of my late father’s photos from Bangalore in the very late 1980s…